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What is Guesthome?

Guesthome is a full-service vacation rental management company that handles everything for you. We manage every aspect of keeping your short-term rental listed, booked, and ready for the next guests. We make sure your home stays safe, secure, and profitable.

From taking professional HD photos of your home and creating optimized listings, to vetting and managing guest bookings and cleaning up for the next stay, we do it all. All you have to do is sit back and watch your rental income grow.

When you partner with us, you’ll be assigned a personal Listing Manager who is in charge of your home’s listings. They will be available to help answer any questions you may have in regards to our program and your home.

We provide professional cleaning, 24/7 local guest support, and have access to vendors for any maintenance needs.

How is it different from sites like Airbnb and Booking.com?

Companies like Airbnb and Booking.com are listing sites. Guesthome is a rental management company that takes over all responsibilities of your short-term rental property.

Listing sites are just places to post your home for rental. We not only create your listings, we manage all aspects of the rental process as well as maintain your property in order to create a passive income for you.

How long is the contract?

The first month of your partnership with Guesthome is a trial. After that, your contract renews for 3 months afterwards. Our service will remain free forever. We just ask that you give us 15 days notice if you wish to cancel.

If you’d like to review our homeowner agreement, just send us an inquiry and we’d be happy to send it over and answer any questions you might have.

Do I need to clean up after guests?

No. We cover all housekeeping and laundry services including cleaning and laundry after every stay. Our cleaners will do laundry on-site if time permits or at a laundry facility if the check-out check-in turnaround time does not permit this.

Do I need to provide supplies for guests?

Guesthome makes sure your home remains stocked for every guest. We supply toiletries, linens, and kitchenware to ensure a comfortable stay. Rather than have an owner manage and maintain these supplies, We typically restock supplies after each stay.

How do you manage keys and security?

Guesthome gives our homeowners the option to add home security by SimpliSafe to their home at no extra cost. Our security package includes a SimpliSafe base station, keypad, entry sensor, and smoke detector.

We also use a digital smart lock by SimpliSafe. They are proven to be reliable, secure, and stand up to harsh outdoor environments. Each guest has their own code that is only valid during the time of their stay. Additionally, all of our housekeepers and vendors are issued unique one time codes for when they need to clean or make a repair at your property.

Each lock comes with the ability to have several master codes set for it at any given time. As the homeowner, you will have a master code and can access the property whenever you want – we recommend not sharing this code with anyone.

What about regular home maintenance?

Between each visit we restock necessary items such as soap, toilet paper, shampoo, paper towels, etc. and will perform simple routine maintenance such as changing lightbulbs or switching out old batteries. Guesthome provides property management and guest services, but we are not a maintenance company. However, we do inspect your property thoroughly for any signs of damage and can schedule and oversee professional maintenance at your convenience. 

How do you deal with trash?

You can stick with your regular trash provider. If guests are in the home on pick up days we ask them to take out the trash. If no one is there, our local team will visit and take out the trash with at no extra charge.

Is there anything I am required to have at my property?

Most homeowners already have the basics (such as furniture and wifi) in place when they are ready to partner with us. We can help by installing a digital door lock, supply closet lock, and other security measures. We also can provide all the basic requirements in terms of toiletries and cleaning supplies. We will work with you from the beginning to make sure that you have everything in place to manage a successful listing.

Do I have to allow pets?

We do not allow guests to bring pets in order to help protect your property. Unless, of course, you want to invite guests with pets, then we will allow guests to bring them. We also want to note that we are unable to prohibit service animals for disabled guests.

Do I have to keep my home open for guests all year?

No, you are free to use your home for as much personal use as you’d like. We even offer our cleaning services if you’d like us to clean up the house after you leave and prepare it for your next guest. Of course, the more availability your calendar has, the higher your profits will be.

Do I have to pay taxes on rental income?

Guesthome sends you a check with your full profit for each month. This way you can take advantage of the deductions available to short-term rental property owners, such as all “ordinary and necessary” purchases that you use to operate your rental business. You can also deduct guest-service or host-service fees as well.

How do you set rates for my rental?

Our team of real-estate marketing experts uses a varied rate strategy based on many factors such as day of the week, time of the year, and local competition.

For example, mid-week days will likely be set at one price and weekends at another; holidays and peak season prices will be higher than off season.

We perform comprehensive research and set your rates based on the characteristics of your home such as location, size, amenities, remodels, etc. We will also adjust the pricing according to successes and failures, local events, and last-minute booking needs.

When do I get paid for bookings?

We pay owners monthly, at the end of each month. You will receive an owner statement that documents your revenue along with a physical check.

This statement and payment will be for all guests that have checked out during that month. If you have a guest whose stay passes from one month to the next, you will receive the statement and payment for that guest in the month they check out.

Will you send me monthly reports?

Each month you will receive a revenue statement that includes your profit as well as any charges that you may have incurred from additional requested services.

You’ll never see any surprise or hidden fees, and your Listing Manager will be more than happy to review your revenue statement with you.

What sites do you use to market my rental?

We list your home everywhere guests are searching for vacation rentals. We are able to sync your availability calendar across each website, so your listing will have the correct rates and availability at all times, on all sites.

  Major listing sites include:























Colorado Vacation Rentals

Rental Source

LakeHouse Vacations























Owner Direct Vacation Rentals



Resort Reservations


Vacation Rental Supermarket


Visit Breck







What if I already have my home listed?

This is very common. If your home is already listed on any of these sites, we’ll work with you to migrate your listing to our managed account. Our professional team of marketers will also rewrite your listing, take new HQ photos of your home, and sync your pricing and calendar with all the other sites we list your home on.

Do you provide photography for my listing?

Yes! We bring in a professional photographer to take stunning, HQ photos for your listing.

How do I reserve my property for personal use?

You can simply login to your Owner Dashboard and book your property for yourself or anyone else you’d like to invite. You can also email or call us and we can make the reservation for you.

There is no charge for booking your own home, but if you choose to have us clean your home for you after your stay, we will bill you on your owner statement. You can also choose to clean your home yourself if you’d like

Who do the guests communicate with if they need help?

Guests can communicate with our team through the booking site, by email, or by phone. We are available around the clock and provide them with complete check-in instructions, reservation itinerary and receipt, directions, and more.

What if there is an emergency with a guest?

Our team is available 24/7. Guests can call, text, and email our team at all hours with any issues.

We’ll take all calls and dispatch any appropriate vendor or local authority. We pay the vendor and then put the bill onto your homeowner statement – you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything unless it happens to be a major repair. Guesthome does not charge any additional fees for these types of emergencies.

What if guests cause a disturbance?

Guesthome vets every potential occupant in order to maintain the highest quality of guests. However, of course sometimes disturbances do occur. We have a strict policy of guest eviction if there is any sign of excessive noise, partying, or over-occupancy.

Of course we want guests to enjoy themselves and have fun on their stay, but we do not tolerate abuse of any homeowners property and have strict policies in place to protect your home. We can evict and charge additional fees in the case of misuse.

How do you handle property damage and liability?

Guesthome offers liability and damage coverage for up to the entire value of your home and all of your belongings. This covers any damage that could be caused by a guest, our company, or a contractor. Many of the services we use, like Airbnb, also offer up to $1M in damage/liability protection, in addition to our coverage.

However, owners should expect that from time-to-time normal wear and tear may occur outside of the policy. Owners should expect to pay for routine maintenance occasionally, such as painting touch ups, replacing old showerheads, etc.

Guests do sign a contract that commits them to paying for any damage they do via their credit card on file, as well as any additional cleaning services required after their stay.

How do you provide full-service rental management for free?

It’s completely free for homeowners. You’ll never have to pay anything out of pocket for our service. We just take a 30% booking commission for any revenue in a given month.

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